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“Many times over, my husband and I have said how lucky we were to have Emilio act as our realtor in selling our home. From the very first visit and for each and every visit afterwards, Emilio came well prepared with answers to all of our questions. We noticed the long hours he put in and the amount of work he had to do to sell our home. Because our property was large, we had thought there could be potential for future development. Emilio agreed with us and he was successful in selling it as that. Thanks to Emilio, my husband and I were able to give some of the proceeds of the sale to our adult children, for their use now.

When we were ready to move, Emilio found us a lovely new home for us to rent. He contacted the Landlord and handled the lease and personally delivered the signed lease and rent cheques to our landlord.

Emilio’s professionalism and work ethic is to be commended as well as his sincerity in going out of his way to help his clients.” –  Pat and Al

“We had the wonderful pleasure of working with to Emilio to sell our first home, and I can say beyond a reasonable doubt that he was the right Realtor for the job. On his first visit to our home, he came well prepared with great knowledge of the area, the market, and what it would take to sell our home. He suggested three plans for selling our home and allowed us to choose the one we were comfortable with. By the end of our first meeting we knew that we had chosen the right agent for us. He listened and addressed each of our concerns in a well-informed, professional manner. When the house was listed, Emilio put together a fantastic presentation using a wide variety of marketing outlets and did a great job and they made our house look beautiful. When we bought this house, it had been on the market for 60 days. We were prepared to wait that long to sell it but Emilio told us that it would go faster than that and it did. We had a conditional offer just ten days after listing and the sale was finalized soon after. He also got us more money for the sale. His knowledge of the industry and market were a true asset and in turn he maximized the value of the home” – Jenni & Zeke.

The first time I met Emilio, he was this young man who came into my home bringing lots of energy, and he made me feel so at ease and comfortable when I told him what was my situation. He explained my options and immediately started the house hunting process. It was a lengthy process but he was always there, punctual and as he got to know me more he understood my needs and found me the perfect home. He was with me through my tears and dark hours when there was no one else I could turn to, and brought me through the hard financial times enlisting the help of all the professionals he could find. If I had to do this again it will only be with Emilio. Always professional, with the personal touch. – Sharon.

We’re very pleased with how through, efficient and professional Emilio was when selling our home. We felt no pressure at any time throughout the process. He is very confident and competent in his abilities to sell our home very fast, we’ve made a great friend in Emilio. Thanks Emilio you’re one of the best. – Sean & Alicia.